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10 Best Tourist Attractions To Visit in Denver, Colorado for Your Next Trip

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The word Denver means “The Mile High City,”. it has the best adventure feelings. This city is very much famous for its art and culture. Another factor in Denver’s popularity is its pleasant climate. Denver is Colorado’s largest city and a great place to start your excursions in the Rockies. Those interested in getting a taste of the mountains can spend a day traveling along the highway. This information will help you make the most of your time if you’re planning a quick vacation or a weekend escape to Denver. You’ll also learn how to get around and which sights are the most interesting.

Here is a list of places in Denver that add to its beauty-

1. Mount Evans Scenic Byway,Denver

Drive on the highest paved road in North America to get a taste of the Rocky Mountains. You’ll climb approximately 9,000 feet to the summit of Mt Evans, a Colorado 14er that stands at 14,264 feet in the sky. Mt Evans is one of Colorado’s 54 famed 14ers or mountains that rise above 14,000 feet.

The bulk of people drives to this mountain, as just a few trained explorers climb it. You’ll be driving up winding mountain roads with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and towns. Beautiful stop-offs along the way include Echo Lake and Summit Lake.


  • Mt Evans
  • Rockey Mountain
  • Echo Lake
  • Summit Lake

2. Denver’s Lower Downtown

LoDo is the nickname given to Denver’s Lower Downtown District by locals. LoDo is Denver’s oldest and most vibrant neighborhood, located in the heart of the city. It spans all the way from Commons Park to the 16th Street Mall. You can find a list of these delectable places here. The Denver Milk Market is a pleasant place to drink and eat.


  • Denver Milk Market
  • Commons Park

3. Larimer Square, Denver

Larimer Square is one of Denver’s most popular tourist destinations. This is the city’s oldest block, having been built in the early 1400s. Larimer Square now boasts more than fifteen cafes and businesses. Cru Food & Wine Bar serves delectable food and wine. Larimer Square is a great place to start exploring Denver’s nightlife.

This square has something for everyone, from Jazz Bars to Comedy Shows. After supper, visit one of their twenty local stores and shop until you drop. The square is decked out in festive lights during the holidays. Take a stroll along the street in a horse-drawn carriage or go for a winter walk under the glittering lights.


  • Historic Block
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Larimer Square
  •  Jazz Bars
  • Comedy Shows

4. Colorado Convention Hall, Denver

Although there are many things to do within the Convention Center, the gigantic blue bear outside the building, which appears to be peering into the center’s interior, is one of the most popular attractions. This 40-foot-tall bear, made by Colorado-based artist Lawrence Argent, is a terrific photo opportunity as well as a great representative of Colorado’s artistic talents.


  • A 40-foot-tall blue bear
  • Convention Center

5. Museum of Nature and Science, Denver

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is located in Denver’s City Park neighborhood. This eccentric museum offers a wealth of educational options. Special exhibits include the Space Odyssey and Egyptian Mummies. In Phipps Auditorium, they have a three-story high Imax Theatre where you may see a movie. The films span from documentaries about ocean reefs to documentaries about exotic African wildlife.

After that, take a seat in the Gates Planetarium. Black holes, volcanoes, and the cosmic voyage of the stars and constellations are all covered here. Earth Sciences and Health Sciences are two of their science collections. Inquire about Anthropology, Geology, Zoology, and Paleontology with the museum’s guides.


  • Big Exhibitions
  • Planetarium
  • Volcanoes series
  • Imax Theatre 
  • Denver Museum
  • Egyptian Mummies
  • Phipps Auditorium
  • Black holes

6. Adam’s Playhouse, Denver

This Adam’s playhouse is now one famous local hidden gem theatre. It has become one of Denver’s most popular attractions in recent years. The theater includes performances like a delectable meal, which includes seasonal dishes. Adams Mystery Playhouse is a hilarious and enjoyable experience to share with friends and family. Murder at the Tiki Bar and Murder in Hollywood are two of their popular themes.


  • Adam’s Playhouse
  • Tiki Bar
  • Seasonal Foods

7. Molly Brown House Museum, Denver

Margaret Tobin Browns, a Titanic survivor, and benefactor was an activist and philanthropist. Margaret, often known as Molly, and her husband lived in this residence in the late 1800s. When Molly and her husband bought the property, they restored it. The house was transformed into Jane Addams Hull Home for Girls after Molly’s death in 1932. The historic house was saved from demolition, and it is now protected by Historic Denver Inc. The House Museum takes you on a tour of the three stories and sixteen rooms of the house. The magnificent library is lined with stunning floor-to-ceiling bookcases.


  • Molly Brown House Museum
  • Spectacular library

8. Confluence Park, Denver

This beautiful river park is located in the heart of the city’s 850 miles of bike routes. A variety of Denver attractions are just minutes away, including the Platte River Trolley, which can transport you to the Downtown Aquarium, the Children’s Museum, and the LoHi, Riverfront, and Highlands neighborhoods.


  • Platte River Trolley
  • Downtown Aquarium
  • Museum for Children

9. Denver Center, Denver

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts is a popular destination on the Broadway touring circuit. A unique venue for live theatre, plays, and even acting training. This four-block, twelve-acre area of art and performance is located in Downtown Denver. There are eight theaters in the vicinity, so the possibilities are unlimited. Visit the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, a world-class acoustics-focused venue. The Buell Theatre is the largest theatre of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.


  • Ellie Caulkins
  • Buell Theatre
  • Live theatre

10. Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver

The Denver Botanical Gardens are located in the Cheesman Park area. Explore the 24 acres of beautiful flowers and plants. They have five different gardens, each divided by region. The plants in their Gardens of the West collection are designed for Colorado climates and are usually available all year. The botanical gardens are a lovely location to stop for a breather, have a cup of coffee, and stroll among the beautiful floral walkways.


  • Botanical Gardens
  • Cheesman Park

Travel Route

Walking or taking the light rail are the best methods to travel about Denver. In the downtown district of Denver, several of the city’s most popular attractions are within walking distance of one another. The Regional Transportation District’s light rail services can often get you near enough to go to sites that aren’t easily accessible on foot.

If you plan on visiting the Rocky Mountains, renting a car will come in handy. If you opt to rent a car, you can do it at Denver International Airport (DEN), which is located about 25 miles northeast of the downtown area. You can also take the RTD SkyRide bus or the University of Colorado light rail from the airport.  

Explore these areas to get the most out of your trip. Hope this information will provide you with the inside scoop on anything useful you should know before your trip. Explore everything that Denver has to offer!

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