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5 Dangerous Behaviors You Should NOT Be Doing in Your Car

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Most of us are used to doing certain things in our cars, thinking they are harmless. And although these behaviors are not illegal, they are not the safest decision while in a moving vehicle.

Therefore, we compiled a list of 5 things you shouldn’t be doing in your car, even if you love to.

1- Resting Your Feet on the Dashboard

Many people admit to raising their legs and resting them on their car’s dashboard, a useless action that may prove to be much more serious than it seems.

Whether you’re the passenger or the driver, resting your feet on the dashboard is a terrible idea.

Although many people believe they can remove their legs in time when a crash occurs, the airbags release at extreme speeds, and most people won’t be able to act on time.

Not to mention how a head-on collision will cause your legs to be crushed by the engine and pressed to your body, increasing your risk of fatal injury. 

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2- Eating While Driving

No one can resist a little snack on the road, whether it’s a sandwich, a piece of chocolate, or sipping on your favorite drink. 

However, like texting, eating on the road is a big distraction, especially if multiple courses are involved. Drivers who reach out for items in the car while driving are more likely to cause accidents.

If you can’t go on another mile without eating something, pull over and snack while steering clear from the road.

Constant snacking increases your chances of being involved in a car accident, and that’s something no one wants.

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3- Turning Your Car into a Storage Room

Some people take the phrase “make your car feel like home” too far by keeping unnecessary items in their vehicle. 

Especially if you have an SUV, storing big things like cardboard boxes at the rear of your vehicle can block your vision and be hazardous when you’re backing up.

Not to mention how unattached objects can cause injury to passengers in case of a sudden stop or an accident. The items may fly and hit your fellow travelers.

Keep what’s necessary in the trunk, and avoid storing things in your car’s interior. Your line of sight must be clear to ensure safe driving.

4- Using Your Headphones

This behavior is, unfortunately, quite common. Whether wired or wireless, earphones block an essential sense for a driver: hearing.

Drivers must be able to hear their surroundings, from oncoming vehicles to car horns to a potential police car pulling them over.

Listening to some music during your commute is not the issue, but having your ears plugged with the earphones dampens your situational awareness.

There are many possible circumstances, and having your earphones in makes you much more vulnerable when you’re in the driver’s seat.

Instead, you can listen through your car’s built-in speakers or a Bluetooth attachment; with reasonable volume. The key here is to stay aware of what’s happening outside your vehicle.

5- Driving Without Shoes

Many motorists prefer to drive barefoot, and while it’s not exactly the most dangerous behavior out there, it’s definitely not the safest either.

People who operate their automobiles without shoes may enjoy a more comfortable drive, but they also risk facing more pressing issues than comfort.

For instance, sudden stops are a lifesaver in near-crashes, but they require more force on the brake pedals than usual, which may be difficult without shoes.

In addition, bare feet are more slippery and have less grip on the pedals than the alternate option.

Also, if you need to leave your car urgently, putting your shoes on will take too much time, and leaving without them makes you prone to serious foot injuries.

In short, make sure you choose a comfortable pair of shoes for driving. And if you put style over comfort, you can keep the driving pair in the car and wear them before each drive.

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