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Discovering The Best Quality Diamonds For Your Budget

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Diamonds became popular for engagement rings and have since been synonymous with love and beauty. Diamonds are also the most popular gemstones that are used in engagement rings worldwide.

Purchasing diamonds doesn’t sound like a simple process. That’s because you can’t just walk into a jewelry shop and buy the first diamond bracelet that you see. That’s especially if you’re looking to purchase a quality diamond.

You may be buying loose diamonds to be set elsewhere or are looking for the perfect lab-grown diamond rings. A reputable jeweler can help by putting you on the path towards owning the ideal diamond. 

The Best Quality Diamonds For Your Budget

Are you planning to give your partner a diamond solitaire ring or perhaps a tennis bracelet that can be used for all occasions? This article is aimed at helping you find the most valuable diamonds for your budget. Read on this article to get into details on how to achieve that. 

  1. Don’t Compromise on The Triple X

Cut is the most complex factor when it comes to diamonds. This grade assesses how well-proportioned a diamond is and how to interact with light. Note that an ideal cut diamond has more brightness. It also has more fire and scintillation compared to diamond jewelry that has a poor cut.

Below are some of the factors that can impact a diamond’s quality:

  • Proposition: is about the ratios and size of the diamond’s depth, width, and table.
  • Symmetry: is about the precision of a finished diamond’s shape and facet placements.
  • Polish: is about the overall degree of smoothness of each facet of a diamond. It’s also about how the polish affects the shine and the glow of a diamond.

When it comes to round-shaped diamonds, don’t compromise and simply go for the triple x. We are talking about an ideal cut, an excellent polish, excellent symmetry. Lastly, make sure that the jewelry looks great. 

  1. The Color

There are various factors that determine the value of a diamond. Some of these factors are known as the 4Cs. They are:

  • The cut
  • The carat
  • The color
  • The clarity

The color or lack thereof is one of the most important factors when choosing a diamond. A diamond’s value is determined by the rarity of the diamond in question. This means that the more pristine a diamond is, the rare and more expensive it will be.

The color of diamonds ranges from completely clear, to the murky tones. And the less color there is, the higher the grade a diamond achieves. Also, the beauty of colorless diamonds can be seen in the amount of light that passes through the gemstone. The light creates a sparkle that can’t be recreated in lower-graded diamonds.

  1. Clarity

When we talk about the clarity of a diamond, we are referring to how flawless it is. Its flaws present as either surface blemishes or inclusions within the diamond itself. You will be right in saying that this is also the reason why rarity increases with flawlessness.

The blemishes outside a diamond usually include:

  • Scratches
  • Small chips
  • Pits normally caused by natural occurrences

Keep in mind that inclusions in a diamond can take the form of air bubbles, cracks, and non-diamond material like insects.

A diamond’s clarity is graded from F, which is Flawless to the SI1 and SI2. The type of blemishes and inclusions, however, can greatly influence the quality of a diamond, even at the SI2 level.

An SI2 graded diamond can be clean to the eyes. You must, however, note that blemishes aren’t as visible to the naked eye and neither are the diamonds visibly blemished. It takes an expert’s eye to determine this.

  1. Consider The Diamond’s Diameter

Always remember that carat weight is not the same as a diamond’s size. There are certain diamond shapes that render a diamond larger than others.

A round brilliant diamond weighing one carat, for instance, will appear smaller compared to a cushion-shaped diamond weighing the same.

Generally, the human eye focuses on the diameter, from the tip to the toe. Your eyes will naturally not focus on the diamond’s actual size. As such, square-shaped diamonds usually appear larger. 

These square-shaped diamonds include:

  • Asscher
  • Cushion
  • Princess
  • The emerald-shaped diamonds

Moreover, oval and marquise diamonds always look larger compared to similar-sized round cuts. 

  1. Shop Vintage In Order To Suit Your Budget

Shopping vintage is arguably the most effective way of maximizing your budget. Vintage engagement rings provide the best value for the best price. Aside from that, you’re also adding your chapter to the history of a storied piece of jewelry.

Buying vintage also means saving a significant percentage of the price of your solitaire ring. Moreover, vintage engagement rings feature a variety of band and setting styles. This helps to fit your preferences.

By purchasing vintages, you get to maximize the carat weight. This, however, does not mean skimping on the cut, clarity, and color. 

  1. The Certified Body

It’s important that you purchase your engagement ring from a reputable retailer. Someone who sells diamond jewelries that are certified by one of the main independent certification labs. The labs include:

Purchasing diamonds that have been independently graded guarantee the quality of your purchase of the jewelry. But buying non-certified diamonds can result in disappointment, considering that they may have been advertised at a higher grade.

Not to mention the amount of money you spent in acquiring those diamond jewelries only to find out that they’re fake or not what is advertised.

Independent diamond evaluation gives clients peace of mind. It also shows that the diamonds have been graded in an unbiased fashion by independent experts. Note that every certified diamond comes with an independent certificate of authenticity. This means that you will only ever pay for what you’re getting.

Final Take Away

Purchasing precious stones like diamonds is an empowering feeling. That’s because diamonds are not just gemstones. They are also a sign that you are doing well financially and can spend some money on luxurious items like the diamond stud earrings.

Diamonds are investments and adornments. And more often than not, their value increases with time.

It’s okay if you want to spend your hard earned money on diamond jewelry such as a tennis bracelet. But it’s also important that you know how to get the best quality out of every dollar that you spend.

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