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A well-known British-American celebrity child is Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge. The actors Tom Sturridge and Sienna Miller’s daughter, Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge, are both performers.

Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge: Early Life

2012 July 7 marked the birth of Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge. Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge will be 11 years old in 2023. Bali Skinner, Lyra Skinner, Moses Skinner, and Rudy Crockett are Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge’s cousins.

Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge: Family

The Millers, Edwin and Josephine, are Marlowe’s maternal grandparents. The parents of Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge’s father are actor Phoebe Nicholls and Charles Sturridge. Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge has an actress Matilda Sturridge as an aunt on her father’s side. Marlowe also has two uncles, Charles and Stephen, and an aunt called Savannah on her mother’s side.

Marlowe Layng Sturridge: Parents

Ottoline’s famous parents, Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge, got together in 2011 while working on the film “The Boat That Rocked.” Although Sienna and Tom were longtime friends, they had never dated. Sienna and Tom were frequently spotted together at functions and making out in public. Marlowe Sturridge, the couple’s daughter, was also born in 2012; Sienna and Tom were also together for a while before divorcing in 2015. Sienna and Tom get along well, nevertheless, and look after their daughter jointly. The former couple, Sienna and Tom have also spoken about their relationship; Miller referred to Sturridge as her best friend and claimed that their friendship hasn’t changed despite their breakup. The Sandman actor also talked about how much he still loved his ex-partner and how they split parenting duties.

Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge: Net Worth

Marlowe Ottoline, as we previously mentioned, comes from a long line of talented performers and artists. It is clear that this 11-year-old, Marlowe Ottoline leads a lavish lifestyle as a result. Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge’s mother, The Edge of Love, has an astounding wealth of 18 million dollars. Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge’s Broadway actor father has a net worth of 5 million dollars.

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