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To Learn More About Anya Forger, Keep Reading! Find Out More!

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The deuteragonist of the Japanese anime & manga series Spy Family is Anya Forger. Anya Forger was brought into Loid’s protection as part of his present assignment, making Anya Forger the adopted child of Loid Forger & Yor Forger. In her previous existence, Anya Forger was an orphan referred to as ‘Test Subject 007’, when telepathy was accidentally created in her.

Anya Forger’s Character Traits

Anya is a happy and bubbly young lady. Anya Forger gives off the impression that she is much sharper than she truly is, and although this is probably partially accurate, it is probably a result of her unique ability to read minds, which no one else has access to. Additionally, Anya Forger’s eager to make companions in general because she didn’t have any at the orphanage.

Anya Forger’s Relationship Status

Becky, Anya’s best friend, loves romantic television programmes a lot. Anya, however, does not enjoy romance and does not understand the need in watching it, in contrast to Becky. Anya instead favors spy dramas like Spy Wars because it has intrigue, action, and adventure. Anya is not especially interested in playing “house” or making their toys “fall in love” while Becky & Anya are playing together. However, Anya thinks she will eventually have something romantic to discuss with Becky when a romantic subject comes up in Spy Wars.

Anya Forger’s Telepathy Skills!

Anya has telepathic talents as a consequence of an accidently conducted experiment, enabling her to understand the thoughts of others. Anya Forger’s use of telepathy gives her a distinct advantage over others. For example, Anya Forger was able to predict Bill Watkin’s next dodgeball move by reading his mind during the game. Anya Forger also used telepathy to learn the exam’s answer and to quickly figure out the passcode for a locked key. Later on, In Manga, Anya admits that the new moon interferes with her power. Anya Forger finds herself in such a pickle because she had intended to use her mind-reading abilities to cheat on Damian Desmond during her examinations.

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