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Cristina Servin: Who is She? Her Age, Weight, Height, Net Worth, and More

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Tony Ferguson is one of a kind MMA fighter and is one of the most talked about personalities amongst MMA fans. What makes people love Tony is his absurd trash talks, aggressive fighting tactics, training videos, etc. But what about his beloved wife Cristina Servin, who recently sent a restraining order against her husband? Well, let’s find out:

Cristina Servin is well-known as the wife of Tony Ferguson, who is well-known as one of the most famous MMA fighters. 

Who is Cristina Servin?

Cristina Servin took part in a few beauty pageants but didn’t have a successful modeling career and all fame she currently has is because of her relationship with Tony. She was born and brought up in America and passed out from California State University. Her social media influence is credible as well, with over 29k people following Cristina. 

In March 2019, the public found out that Cristina had filed for a temporary restraining order against Tony. The news became a big controversy in both Cristina’s and Tony’s life.

Cristina Servin biography

Christina was born on the 15th of August, 1991 but where she was born is not disclosed yet. She got most of her fame as she became wifey to Tony Ferguson, who’s an influential MMA champion. However, we can tell that her ethnicity is white, and was born in America, and holds American citizenship. She studied at Cal State Fullerton, after which she enrolled at California State University. As an aspiring model, she even took part in a beauty pageant, named Mexicano Universal Jalisco held in Mexico.  Apart from that, Cristina’s life is almost a mystery as she chose to keep the details of her parents confidential and it is also unknown whether she’s a single child or has siblings.

Cristina’s Early Life & Education

Cristina was born in America and her entire childhood was spent there. However, she never talks in detail about the state or place where she lives in America, nor does she share any information regarding her parents and siblings. Moving to her education, she is a well-educated woman whose schooling has been completed by Cal State Fullerton. Afterward, she went to the University of California where she completed her university-level education and achieved great grades. 

Cristina’s Age, Weight, Height, Eyes, and Hair Color 

Cristina was born on August 15, 1991, and at present, she is 31 years old with a height of approximately 5 feet and 7 inches and a weight of 60 kg. Her eyes are very attractive. They are blue in color. Moreover, she has a great personality and maintains herself well. Her hair is blonde, which adds charm to her beauty. 

Cristina Servin’s physical appearance

In 2023, she will be turning 32 but her beauty seems to never fade and rather gets prettier than ever. Cristina Servin is a former model and has a natural beauty that’ll remain with her forever. She’s known to carry a fierce and confident self all the time as she stands tall at 5’7 ft with her body weighing 60 kg. 

Cristina Servin family

Christina Serving was born as an American into a Christian family. She has built her own family with her husband – Tony Ferguson. Both are now parents to two children and named them Arman Anthony and Angel Anthony. They welcomed Arman in April of 2016 and were newly turned parents, after which they had their second child, Angel in May of 2021.

Cristina’s Career as a Model  

Cristina is a very famous American-Mexican model by profession. But, apart from her profession, she is known because of her husband’s profession who has earned a lot of fame and name through his excellent skills in his profession. Her husband, Tony, is a famous fighter known for his moves and techniques.

Cristina’s Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter 

Cristina is an active user of social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can find her on these platforms by her name. She had an account on all of these platforms through her official name, and she often shared various monuments and pictures on her social media with her loved ones. 

Cristina Servin relationship

Cristina’s romantic relationship with Tony sparked her fame, before which, she lived a regular girl’s life. The duo dated each other for a long time, and even if officially they chose not to share accurate dates, it is assumed that both began dating in the late 2000s. 

The relationship faced a major backlash when Cristina filed a temporary restraining order in 2019. Fans claim it was out of nowhere and the least expected. Luckily, Tony didn’t get arrested and was neither charged with any offense. Even after such a fuss, the duo remained together and has no plans for divorce as of now. 

According to Cristina, Ferguson was out of character. Tony turned out as such due to severe sleep deprivation, and paranoia and thought a tracking device was attached to him unknowingly. The restraining order was for the betterment of Tony himself, and her only motive was to help him improve his mental state. Once the case was sorted, Cristina cleared that both still love each other and Tony would never hurt her deliberately. It was all necessary for the betterment of the relationship. This tragedy ended up with a stronger bond between Cristina and Tony and both don’t seem to part ways anytime soon.

Cristina’s Married Life with an MMA Fighter 

It is quite unsure when the duo began to deeply love each other but both got engaged in 2011 to finally get married in June of 2012. They had a private wedding ceremony and only the closest friends and relatives were invited. They seem to have had a happy and successful marriage till now. 

Both welcomed their first child four years after their wedding in 2016, followed by a second child a couple of years after. It has been almost a decade since their marriage and now they have a sweet little family of four. 

As of now, the overall marriage and family are running pretty well, and it is assumed that Cristina sits back at home to look after their kids. Whether or not she is a homemaker is not confirmed as no source can validate the same. Assuming she’s a homemaker, Tony would be the only one to earn and has a net worth of $2 Million approx.

Unarguably, Tony is a rich MMA fighter who kickstarted as a boxer and was successful in the field, too. He’s one of the most widely known MMA fighters today and almost the entire MMA community takes him as their ideal. Another source of income for Tony would be promotions, sponsorship, and ad campaigns. The most popular sponsorship of Tony has to be from Monster and RDX Sports.

Cristina is married to Tony, but before the marriage, the two dated each other for an extended period of time. Although they never reveal anything about their love story, it is seen that they are both passionate about each other and love each other so much. After being in a relationship for a long time, they both got engaged in 2011 and finally tied the knot in 2012.  

Cristina’s Net Worth 

Cristina’s net worth is still under review. But estimation of her total net worth says that net worth is approximately $2 million. However, it can be wrong or right. But if accurate information is revealed, then we will update the same.

Cristina Servin has interesting facts about

  • Cristina Servin had an interest in the beauty industry and took part in pageants, including Mexicano Universal Jalisco
  • She’s a fan of Jennifer Aniston and Robert Downey Jr. 
  • A few of her hobbies include taking shopping sprees, traveling, and singing. 
  • Her horoscope is Leo.

She’s a homemaker and has no specific career of her own.


Cristina Servin is a name people would barely remember if it was not for her husband Tony Ferguson’s fame. Cristina does not have such an influential name as her husband, but she’s great as a wife, mother, and homemaker. The biggest supporter of Tony is no one but Cristina and she must have something extraordinary to make someone like Tony fall in love with him.


Does Cristina have any children?

Yes, Cristina is blessed with a cute baby boy named Armand Anthony.

What is the net worth of Cristian’s husband, the famous fighter: Tony?

Cristina’s famous fighter husband has an estimated net worth of approximately $2 million.

How many times did Cristina and Tony date?

It is not exactly known how much time they both dated each other, but they had been in a relationship for a long time.

Which profession does Cristina belong to?

Cristina belongs to the profession of modeling.

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