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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Crunchbase Closed A $50 Million Series D to Grow its Database of Startups

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Crunchbase closed a $50 million series D round this morning that was oversubscribed and included involvement from OMERS Ventures, Mayfield, and Emergence Capital

This round was led by alignment growth. and the Crunchbase CEO Jager McConnell said it was a “major round” but would not disclose the valuation. As of that date, Crunchbase was valued post-money at $150 million.

In both boom and bust times, organizations across all industries struggle to build sales pipelines and close revenue. “Account-based” information, or research on new clients, can help with prospecting. Startups database powered by API CEO Jager McConnell claims that this is the reason that more businesses are turning to Crunchbase. Over the past 15 years, Crunchbase has developed into a business driven by APIs and a financial information database with a growing journalism component.

Michael Arrington, co-owner of TechCrunch, started Crunchbase as a side project to index startups mentioned in TechCrunch articles.

Future Plannings And Working Of The Company

We make it possible for prospectors to locate and communicate with qualifying accounts while also raising exposure for startups, he wrote in an email to TechCrunch. “Since the day we spun out [as a separate business in 2015], we’ve established a prospecting platform backed by the finest proprietary data we’re recognized for, allowing dealmakers to find and interact with eligible accounts while also raising awareness for firms that desire to be discovered.”

Maximizing Return On Investment In A Range Of Use Cases

With a single intuitive interface, direct access to decision-makers, and extensive and exclusive company data, Crunchbase‘s software-as-a-service platform is an effective tool for maximizing return on investment in a range of use cases, including recruiting and sales. Iosilevich intends to shortly join the board of directors of Crunchbase.

“According to the release, anticipated greater industry acceptance of Crunchbase and are delighted to support the company’s growing momentum along with solid support from the existing investor group. Crunchbase as it exists today serves primarily as a sales team’s research tool. Entries detail a company’s creation date, executives, degree of finance, and borrowing.

Thanks to the syndication deals and thousands of connections with websites like LinkedIn, Company Insider, and others, the main database is kept up-to-date both electronically and manually.

Knowing whether a goal account is on the rise or not offers prospectors the power to concentrate outreach on outcome with purchasing power when adverse economic conditions affect more businesses, McConnell said. Crunchbase solutions promote account-based selling, which motivates deal-makers to focus their prospecting efforts on the businesses they ought to be approaching rather than on specific individuals. The ‘Spray and pray strategy, which relies on sizable contact lists and produces the kind of spammy advertising that no one likes, is opposed by this method.

Recent platform modifications take a discovery-focused stance, enabling Crunchbase clients, for example, to find companies that suit a profile by looking for areas or attributes like “diversity.” While customer service support data in search promotes clients who might be new to a certain salesperson, machine learning-powered recommendations point out new accounts and comparable businesses to investigate.

About The Crunchbase

A prospecting tool called Crunchbase enables dealmakers to locate and communicate with qualified accounts.

A prospecting tool called Crunchbase enables dealmakers to locate and communicate with qualified accounts. Crunchbase makes it simple to target the appropriate chances at the right time with tools like personalized account recommendations, lists, territory preferences, intent signals, news notifications, and sophisticated search.

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